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The coin flip game serves as the flagship game on the platform. 🚩 Players can choose their bet amount and select either heads or tails. 🪙 The smart contract executes the flip, and the winner is rewarded with BNB. 💰💥
Here's how PSYFLIP using Chainlink VRF works:
  • Players place their bets on either "heads" or "tails" in BNB
  • The smart contract requests a random number from the Chainlink VRF oracle.
  • The oracle generates a random number and sends it back to the smart contract.
  • The smart contract verifies the random number's authenticity.
  • The random number determines the outcome of the coin flip (e.g., 0 for "heads" and 1 for "tails").
  • The smart contract announces the outcome and rewards the winning players.
  • Winners receives BNB automatically when the outcome is announced.